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Financial Instruments & Trading Programs

Finance is the engine by which all transactions reach their target. Consequently, only the most reliable and capable sources should be used. Adhering to this principle, through its associates, DMV Capital accesses paper from only the top most institutions through providers that have a consistent performance record. One of our sources is the oldest in the industry, catering only to top tier investors and cash liquid clients. Our other sources are equally capable and proven performers through whom we have access to Medium Term Notes (MTN) and Bank Guarantees/Stand By Letters of Credit (BG/SBLC) for sale and BG/SBLC for lease. We do not accept offers from any other sources.

The reliability of our providers and the quality of the paper they provide, in compliance with all international rules and regulations, lend themselves to the commodity trading industry and the financial investment industry as the tools of choice. Likewise, through our sources, we can introduce our clients to high quality, licensed traders that provide trading platform services and programs that have historically high performance records. Many times such programs can even be tailored to the needs of the investor.

DMV Capital does not provide any financial securities or paper of any kind, nor represent any particular platform or trader. Ours is an introductory service only, requiring the client to be pre qualified by the providing institution directly.