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Eng. Abdulaziz Al Shaye has almost 30 years of experience in real estate, city planning,

architecture and construction. He worked in the capacity of a company general manager, director of projects, project manager, architect and engineer. He is a certified consulting engineer.
He holds a BS in Building Construction and a BS in Environmental Design from Texas A&M and a Masters degree in Architecture from UCLA.  After graduation, Eng. Abdulaziz worked in the Saudi D. Ministry of Town Planning and managed to set up the spatial planning strategy of Saudi Arabia. Then he joined El Seif Engineering Contracting where he was projects director and managed several projects mainly for the MODA. At a later stage, he was a Managing Director of a real estate investment company.
Eng. Abdulaziz has designed many buildings as an Architect that include residential, commercial and institutional buildings. In addition, he provides high level consulting to prestigious business organizations and families in Saudi Arabia.

Abdulaziz Al Shaye, M.Arch

Partner, CDO - Real Estate

Who We Are

Ahmed Ali Al Mihdaar, MBA

Partner, Vice-President & CMO

Mr. Al Mihdaar's professional experience and entrepreneurial spirit in different sectors such as petroleum products, commodities, finance, marketing and business strategy in the African, European and Middle Eastern markets has enriched his career and given him a clear understanding of their political and economic challenges.

He has worked in worked in Dubai for the past 6 years, establishing several companies involved in trading, marketing and brokerage services. His commodity trading experience includes sugar, rice, wheat, soy bean, gold and precious gems. Through this experience he has established an extensive contact network with firms throughout the UAE and the Middle East.

Prior to this, Mr. Al Mihdaar, held the position of Marketing Director for Peugeot in France and Business Developer for Generali.

Victor E. J. Orth, MRICS, ASA.

Partner, President & CEO

Mr. Orth has over 30 years of experience in a variety of industries covering architecture & design, finance, investment tax credit analysis, appraisal, market research, real estate development, commodities and petroleum trading.

Mr. Orth’s experience with major corporations spans the globe, from the Americas to Europe, from North Africa to the Middle East and from the Near East to Asia, having held several key positions including Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, General Manager and Managing Director. Mr. Orth is also a former Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. He is also a published author & lecturer.